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Adding White Blocker - Answer Templates

You can have white colour on your transparent cards by adding white blocker!                 

Why I need choose “an Adding White Blocker”?
There are two reasons that you need choose an adding white blocker:

1. When there are white area such as white text or white logo on your cards on the transparent or translucent plastic. We can offer full colour printing but the CMYK value of white colour is CMYK(0%, 0%, 0%, 0%), that means the white colour is no colour printing or blank in the cmyk printing. So the white colour can't be printed in the CMYK printing process or you can't print using ink that you don't have.

2. When you want colour on the transparent or translucent plastic to be more vivid or the text on it more readable. Clear plastic does not absorb ink. Colors may look muted in comparison to the same file/color build printed on white (opaque)stock. The 'white blocker area' is to increase opacity of the color printed on its top to give it more vibrancy against the transparent plastic. .
Where to add white blocker to your Card?
The best place to add white blocker to your business cards is the area to be white. . You could also apply an adding white blocker behind the colour you want it to be more opaque,which produces more vibrancy against the transparent plastic.